CoinDesk’s CryptoCurrency 2.0 report: Who’s is Who in the Next-Generation Cryptographic Applications?

London river Alexandercb_flickrCoinDesk announces on its site that the new research report, Cryptocurrency 2.0., is available to download from today.

Next-generation cryptographic applications (NGDAs), commonly grouped under the term ‘cryptocurrency 2.0’, are a class of emerging projects seeking to expand blockchain technology beyond the storage and transfer of money.

CoinDesk’s 56-page report provides a snapshot of the fast-changing NGDA ecosystem and a Who’s Who of the diverse companies contained within it.

At a time when many definitions of ‘2.0’ companies remain vague, here potential investors can glean detailed information about what constitutes an NGDA, alongside the future business models these projects might facilitate.

Highlights include:

  • An explanation of what can be considered a next-generation decentralised app (NGDA).
  • A brief history of NGDAs and how bitcoin technology made these projects possible.
  • An overview of some of the most prominent cryptocurrency 2.0 projects, from smart contract platforms to prediction markets.
  • An overview of some of the key challenges many of these NGDAs face.

CoinDesk Research

CoinDesk’s unique position in the industry brings an opportunity to provide leading research and insights on the most pressing issues concerning digital currencies and their entrance into the mainstream.

The second in CoinDesk’s research series, Cryptocurrency 2.0 follows a report on the regulation of the digital currency worldwide. Like the Bitcoin Regulation Report, it offers insight from prominent leaders in the industry, including Ripple Labs CTO Stephan Thomas, Maidsafe COO Nick Lambert and Swarm founder Joel Dietz.

The report also offers an explanation of key terminology used in the sector, including crowdsales, smart contacts, Distributed Autonomous Organisations and coloured coins.

Priced at $99, Cryptocurrency 2.0 is available for purchase on CoinDesk’s research page. Bitcoin payments are supported.

Image credit: Alexandercb, Flickr


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